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Congregational General Chapter

Every six (6) years the Congregation holds a General Chapter to review its journey and to decide on its goals for the next 6 years (HISTORY) as well as to elect new leadership ( COVER) This year of 2022, the Congregation's Chapter (canonical gathering) attended by elected delegates from the 7 Units of the Congregation met in Munster, Germany. Our German Sisters were joined by those coming from Taiwan, the Philippines, Namibia, Brazil and the USA.

The Chapter delegates brings into focus the profile of the Congregation making visible its cultural and ethnic reality. It reveals the goings-on in our Congregational life in the particular areas where we are in ministry. This time our statistical profile showed us that we strong in younger members who total 41% of Sisters at age 60 years of under. This is a great blessing as it indicates a future pool of dedicated persons for ministry.

The Chapter was not only a meeting of serious business but one which evoked from us laughter, fun and a deepening of what is greatly important, sisterhood. Through the photos in the GALLERY you will find examples of this as we shared meal together and in our social evenings.

New Leadership Team

The Franciscan international congregation of The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (SMIC) recently completed its XVI General Chapter. Held every 6 years in one of the 7 geographical units where the Congregation serves, this meeting took place in Munster, Germany from September 20 to October 7, 2022. The meeting was a true experience of its intercultural youthful membership.

The new leadership team elected to serve from 2022 to 2028 is visible for its international make up; Sister Beatrice Yang (2nd from left) Minister General, Sister Gizele Marinho (3rd from left) Assistant Minister, Sister Dilecta Yang (4th from left) General Councilor, and Sister Rosivonete Nascimento (1st from left) General Councilor.

The Generalate leadership team will strengthen collaborative efforts in the congregation's Initial and On-going formation programs, Vocation and Associate programs. Among other deliberations decided on by the Sisters to be enacted during the team's tenure is a commitment to: promote authentic relationships that foster a culture of peace and reconciliation in these divided times, expand the congregational charism by promoting active collaboration with others in responding to global needs and being stewards of God's Creation.

The Generalate operates within the Diocese out of Woodland Park. The local US Unit of the Congregation has recently located in Denville, New Jersey continuing to minister also in South Jersey, Maine and Texas.

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.