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It is that time

Living on the lake you become in awe with nature. Yesterday was one of those days you can witness the tug a war between the seasons. In early December ice formed on top of the lake and we would not see the water again until Spring. March is here, she brings with her the first day of a new season. The first day of Spring came in all her glory yesterday. As we witnessed the struggle between the season's. The warm weather encouraged the 14" of ice on the lake to start to break away. We watched the warm springs under water create a gap in the ice through out the lake. Water started seeping through these cracks and separating the chunks of ice, then you hear the noise, the music of nature, chunks of ice 14" thick start banging against each other - it echos the sound of drums around the lake. Natures sympathy can be heard each Spring. The struggle continues all day as more and more water takes over the space ice had been. Our lake is waking up to a new beginning.

I looked out at the lake this morning, it is back for the most part. I see small spaces of ice that is still not ready to let go. I smile to my self and think how similar Mother Nature is to any earthly Mother, she is finding it difficult to let go of one season and allow for a new beginning. Just as an earthly Mother finds it difficult to let go of her children and allow them to go into the world and create their own new beginning.

I look at the water spread out in front of me on this first day of Spring and I see my God in this body of water. The water has always been there even if it was covered with ice. Water is constant just as God is. I think of the warm springs that are with in this body, I stop and consider the presence of these springs and think about the Son of God the mystery of the three persons in one God. If I look at the one body of water surrounded by life giving springs and think of St Patrick using a part of nature, the shamrock, to teach us about the Trinity. I gaze back at my lake, the waves of current are forcing the water from being still and becoming stagnant. Yes I am witnessing the Spirit of the Trinity working in one body with the water and the springs to create a vital flow of nature. Three Persons in One constant body working together to create new life in nature.

I stop and ponder how amazing this world is with the revolving of its seasons, each giving life in its own way. Nature is always giving a reflection of it's Creator. If we take the time to pause we are allowed to see our God, to see the wonder, to see how everything is intertwined. The Trinity flows all through nature ever present to the Humans who abide with in natures surroundings.

Jeanne Brolan, SMIC associate

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.