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Jeanne Brolan: Scranton

Dear Sisters and Associates,

I am very proud to share with you the success I had yesterday.

I am on the Board of our Community Intervention Center, (CIC) a day program for the homeless. This past winter we had a crisis in Scranton. We had 148 women homeless, 19 of them pregnant. For a city our size this is a large amount of homeless woman. For the first time the number of women homeless was larger than the number of men. We had 90 homeless men.

Scranton has one Shelter run by Catholic Social Service. This shelter has 25 beds for men and 5 for women. Due to the way it is funded this could not be changed. We have a very passionate director of CIC and she pushed the board to help find a building that could be used as a day program as well as a women's shelter.

March 22 we found an fabulous building that had every thing we needed even showers and lockers. As Secretary of the Board it was my pleasure yesterday to attend the closing on the new building. I signed many documents at this time for this half a million dollar building. With each signature there was a prayer that we could pay for it. What an incredible feeling to know we were going to be able to provide a wonderful service to our community with this purchase.

As we go forward we will need prayers that we can be successful in acquiring funding to operate the shelter as well as dedicated volunteers to help staff the program.

Please thank God with me for all the people who came together in such a short time to make this happen.

Peace, Joy & Love, Jeanne

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.