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Ministry to Our Own

The Secular Fraternity Council

The Secular Fraternity Council of which Sr. Janice is their spiritual assistant met to plan the fraternity's programs 2019. The fraternity has its monthly meeting in Little Falls.

Photo left to right: (front) Agnes Czaplinski, Irene DeBernardo, Fr. Sam Monaco; (rear) Sr. Janice, Debbie Wickham, Joe Wickham

Sr. Christina Marie Keelean is faithful with visits to long friend Theresa

Christina writes:

"I have known Theresa Delaney for 13 years. She is an elderly (age 89) woman confined to a wheelchair presently living in a nursing home. My ministry to Theresa is that of being a compassionate and caring presence to her. I visit her regularly and am present to her and her needs. I minister to her spiritually by praying with her and giving her the Eucharist.

My ministry to Theresa is my way of caring for the vulnerable, lonely and forgotten elderly of our society."

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.