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Past News

During Lent our Denville Community decided that one communal lenten practice would be to stand each Monday in silent prayer for peace. Before beginning our plan, the community sought collaboration with St. Catherine's Parish in Mountain Lakes, NJ., by speaking with Fr. Jared who has been inviting his parishioners to join us SMICs in "proclaiming" this meaningful Lenten message.

In order to bring visibility to the message, we gather at the corner of our street (Pocono Road) where a rather busy passing of cars occurs at the noon time prayer-stand, to hold a banner proclaiming: Lord, make us instruments of your Peace.

There have been a number of responses to the message including car horn beeps and hand signals of acceptance as well as looks or rather eyes turned aside in possible embarassment and/or to avoid confrontation, etc. To any and all of these passerbys, and to all peoples throughout the world, we are sending vibes of peace and a hope that all become persons committing to be counter witnesses to violence so prevalent in our world.

The half hour prayer-stand takes place throughout the ending winter snows and rains or in the welcoming warming spring that is upon us at this time of the year. Our Lenten fasting practice is one that is truly bringing us the blessing of the Lord.

Secular Franciscans

Sister Jane and Janice attended the annual regional (NY and NJ) Convivenza assembly of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) in late April with a purpose to better know the workings of the "Seculars". This meeting was especially helpful to Jane who volunteered to write an article reporting on the event to the Diocesan paper, the BEACON and also to write vocation promotion material for the SFO fraternity. Janice accompanied Jane already informed of the life of the Seculars as she has been accompanying the Holy Name fraternity in Little Falls, NJ as spiritual assistant for 10 years.

We were both in admiration of the spirit of life sharing and ministry responses lived out by the Seculars in their commitment to live the Gospel as followers of Francis. There are 732 professed members in this Region who are from various ethnic origins, ages and work experiences.

Read more on the Convivenza meeting

2016 Holiday Season

Sr. Eleanor and crocheter Elizabeth at the Passaic Neighborhood Center for Women

Sisters at the UN

Sr. Kate (center) with a few of her ESL Assumption College students, Sr. Mary Mai (left) and Sr. Therese (right)

Sr. Judine and other Carol's Kitchen Board of Directors members, CA

Catholic Daughters Luncheon, CA

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.