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Recent News

Sister Act

Sister Act is the story of a Las Vegas showgirl who witnesses the murder of a mobster. The showgirl is put in protective custody in a convent as Sr. Mary Clarence. She takes over as choir director and get the sisters to sing beautifully. They sing at Mass and the crowds come pouring back into church and the donations go up. When the gangster finally finds Sr. Mary Clarence, he confronts her and tries to shoot her but the other sisters gather around her and protect her until Eddie the policeman apprehends the gangster and takes him to prison so he can go to trial. Sr. Mary Clarence testifies and goes back to her life a Las Vegas headliner

Sr. Mary Clarence (employee) leading the sisters in the finale.

The "Pope" (resident Sister) visiting the church. The pastor (employee) singing with the choir in thanksgiving.

The gangster finding Sr. Mary Clarence and ready to shoot her before she could testify.

Eddie the policeman saving the day as he arrests the gangster and gets him to jail so he can go to trial.

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